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Hello there! I'm Shahid Khan, specializing in crafting logos and brand identities. I lead a branding agency where imagination takes form.

“Shahid is so easy to work with and provides a high quality end product. He understand your vision right away!”
Alex Tooby (Brand Strategist)
“Loved the way he presented us with the designs we wanted and gave us the revisions in no time.”
Murtaza K (Founder - Royal Sports)
“He did an excellent job with our logo design for an EdTech product. I recommend you to give him all your design works!”
Ujjyaini Mitra (Founder - Leap)
“An exceptional designer. He understands the client's requirements and then meet the client's expectations.”
Atul Patel (Director - ANSP)
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We amplify SaaS growth through extraordinary branding & Design.

Inktrapp™ is our studio where SaaS brands and startups find their visual voice through branding and web design.

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Streetwear Brand
Trans Regions

Trans Regions

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Future Design Agency



Hello 👋

I'm a creative wizard from Mumbai, India. Here's a sneak peek into my adventure as a designer, where I've gathered experiences, lessons, and passions along the way.
I've been designing for over 3 years. My main focus is creating logos and brand identities, but I'm also a curious explorer, always delving into new creative avenues such as UI/UX & Web Design.
I'm currently a student at Mumbai University, on a quest for the right moment to forge my own path. While immersing myself in the world of creativity and design and programming, I'm envisioning new horizons.
Driven by Business, I blend design and tech to create polished products. Starting my very own design agency, Inktrapp has been a pretty awesome journey till now.
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Mumbai, India

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